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Bairavaa Flop Movie Failed to satisfy Actor Vijay Fans

Bairavaa Flop | The recent released ilayathalapathi vijay's movie is not liked by most of his fans itself, both critics and cinema lovers hate this movie,
There is many reasons why this movie became a disaster. lets see why this movie turned like puli the recent flop movie of actor vijay,

  Director bharathan: Vijay and bharathan are no strangers they already gave a failure movie ATM - azhagiya tamil magan even with AR Rahman the famous Oscar winning movie director, good production house, famous heroine, promotions didn't help the movie, no social networks that time no reviews but still the movie failed with word of mouth. First mistake of actor vijay is choosing this director after a blockbuster hit theri, the fans expected much after theri which is recently released that was also reason for this flop.

Bairavaa Flop Title:

The troll for the movie started from day one,  after the title release the troll goes next level like bairavaa is mentioned by the haters as buy - rava. thousands of memes were published within fraction of seconds even though its a name of famous tamil god they didn't care to troll. Songs / Music: No one expected this much bad songs from raising popular music director santhosh narayanan, some rumors says santhosh actually hated the movie after hearing the full story of the movie now we think that is not a rumor.

Expect varlam varlam va song all other songs are not even one time listenable, Even  the BGM was not also up to the level they matched the mass scenes with varlam va song. Keerthi suresh: Actress having huge haters base in tamil cinema, she is trolled by her recent movies and interviews some cinema lovers says she has no acting skills keerthi proved that again in this movie which lengthy flash back which actually bored the audience and makers now planned to trim the movie. Run time Length of the movie: The movie runs roughly 2.45 mins which is real huge nowadays, Actor vijay's previous flop movies has this kind of length run time because 5 songs, 5 fight scenes, 10 punch unwanted dialog is compulsory on that movies.

Promotions: Too much of promotions for the movie, The online tickets even opened before 2 weeks which made his fans to buy bulk ticket online and they planned to sell them in huge price if the movie was hit but every thing went upside down. Vijay fans: Another reason for bairavaa flop is vijay fans who are promoting hashtags and trolling other actors unnecessarily, the already started promoting that the bairavaa movie crossed 100 crore club box office before the release which is not true. Online reviewers: Many online movie reviewers available nowadays who are watching the movies on the first show and spoiling the movie if they hate. Most of the onine reviewers mentioned bairavaa flop before the matinee show.

  Tamil rockers: Tamil rockers usually release the tamil movie in their website only in the evening or night after the actual theatrical release, but in bairavaa movie's case they released HD print even before first show screened in tamil nadu.

  Story: Story is usual vijay movie story, A template for usual thalapathy movie which is hero is a cool guy after knowing a problem he will easily defeat all of his enemies, you can see previous vijay movies that are having this same template. Why trolling vijay: Troll for vijay movies is not a new one even before the social networks raise in tamil nadu many peoples and news papers trolled this actor even the actor himself said in an interview that he was trolled by many. Is this movie is watchable ? Answer is know this is waste of time.