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Display Last Updated SEO | Date Time In WordPress Posts | Pages

Showing last updated time of the post / articles gives you high CTR and also trust from search engines as well as the visitors,
Crawl Faster: Search bots usually crawl your site based on the content, more and more you publish new content and proper linking your website will surely rank well at the search engines,

 How search engines Crawls date: Adding date is also good tip if you will update the content daily, adding sitemaps / submitting sitemaps will also a little help for search engines to understand when the post was updated,

 WordPress date: If you are using the CMS – Content management system like wordpress it will automatically display date and the search bots crawl those dates and display them on their search results, Updated Date in result: Problem with this date in CMS is it will only shows the original posted date in the result even though its updated which is not fair, visitors will think oh this is a old post and chances are very very low for those posts,

 Display Updated date: With following code your WordPress post / page / media will display last updated date which helps the search engines to crawl those dates and display on their result that will boost your CTR for sure.

 Where to place the code: Place the following code in appearance > editor > single post – to show them in posts, paste in single page for show them in pages,
Updated On: < ?php the_modified_date(); ?> at < ?php the_modified_time(‘g:i a’); ?>
That’s it your website will shows last modified date which will surely helps your visitors and search engines to understand about the changes.