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How insurance company may help you from family emergency

Can insurance help me from Family emergency ? | As we all know life happens but can you provide for yourself and your family in case there's a major emergency? Even a death in the family? Will you have enough money to pay your bills?
Stay in your home and take care of everything you need to in order to stay on your feet? Joining me this morning is someone who deals with these issues every single day helping people protect their financial Futures. With me this morning is Mary Jane Fortin from Allstate. Good morning. Good morning thank you for having me. Thanks for being here, because I find this to be such an important topic it's very sensitive a lot of people don't like to talk about it, life Insurance, but it needs to be addressed because you never know.

Absolutely and you know the reality is Olga that there's just stories every day that come to mind we just had one recently where we had our agent was just haunted by this. We had a couple that came in they were starting their new life together it was a second marriage for both of them and they came in on the house and they were going to get some life coverage they held off and a months later the wife called in, shared with our agent that the husband had passed unexpectedly and she asked - and she wanted to know and she said did we get that life insurance in place? And our agent was haunted by having to say no we never got to it. It resulted in her having to sell the house, she had to move in with her niece, I mean there are stories like this all the time look at GoFundMe exact how many of us come together to help friends and family that didn't take action and prepare for life's uncertainty. And that's why we want to talk about it more this morning because taking that action can create such peace of mind I have some stats here that I'd like to share with my Viewers, truly alarming. 37 million American families do not have coverage. Wow that's a lot. It's summing. And then look at this one 56 percent of women have coverage, 62 percent of men have Coverage.

 Look at that gap. We're lagging and we need to address that right? Because all of us have needs and the answer here is everyone needs to take the time to really understand their situation and if they need help with that they should know that there's agents around the country allstate agents 10,000 all over the country that would be happy to help sit down with you and really understand this risk that you may face. We take the time every year to have our medical exam and do a financial wellness checkup and make sure that you're addressing these risks that you may be facing. Wo let me give you a few examples here the Allstate agent and I'm going to give you a few examples of a single mom who let's say just got divorced or a single mom who never got married or let's just say a single dad right? One income or even someone like myself and my husband two incomes times are tough. A lot of people are saying I can't afford it it's too much money talk to me about how much policies are and how affordable they can be? It's important to know that.

It is important Olga and theirs is I want to debunk an important myth right? The reality is people overestimate the cost of insurance. It can be less than the cost of that cup of coffee that we stop and get every day. There you go. And so there's different types of coverage and the reality is that there's what we call term insurance that will cover you for a 10 20 30 year period it tends to be more affordable I like it for younger families and then there's what we call permanent coverage that takes you through your life and is ideal if you want to leave a legacy to your heirs or to a charity but single moms I can tell you I didn't take action, I have been in the insurance industry my whole career and I didn't take action and life Insurance. I did when I had my children, good for you! My parents told me I waited too long,

Well, but I did! You did it, and you did better than me because it wasn't until I found myself as a single parent thinking through the implications to my daughter's future if something happened to me, realizing I needed to take action, and so for so many single moms out there, single parents, you know you need to think through what would happen if something happens to me, and to your point there are lots of solutions out there are affordable solutions out there, and if you need help with that just reach out because we've got agents around the country in your community that I know would be happy to help you prepare for this type of event. Mary jane earlier you mentioned a story that unfortunately really didn't have a good ending in terms of the family taking that action. Do you have one where the family did take action at least two gave them peace of mind? Actually I do there's one that just happened in the last few months, we had a young family that had just built their dream home, and was in our agents office securing homeowners coverage. Oart of the discussion our agent identified that there was a gap in the life insurance given the new home. Related published earlier about new methods of insurance 2017.