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How to change google AdSense country to India after approval 2017

How to change google AdSense country to India after approval 2017 | Well if you are trying this you may previously get banned or trying a shortcut am i right?
Google Ad Sense one of the trusted income for most of the website owners world wide, what is the most hated part of it is 'STRICT' actually very strict it actually has lost of terms and conditions for even applying as publisher. And it may block your website any time when its automated system finds anything suspicious and no way to chat with adsense about the ban,

 only way to reinstate is its appeal form, 95% you wont get positive result after the appeal. What next ? after ban most of the publishers will try other source of income like searching in google as alternative to adsense, you will find result as infolinks,, some pop up network and, affiliate earnings. In our experience you can get that much income as adsense in other network, affiliate is some what satisfying but it will take years to get a steady income because it will give you money if you made a good sell with out any return. So what the other publishers do want they want googles ppc network back they will apply for new website or redirect to new site and from new email address, result new websites have 99% disapproval.

 How to change #google AdSense country to #India after approval 2017 #asdlk[/caption] But the chances for approving new websites from countries like USA, Canada is different from India, yes 99% your site will  get approved. So many publishers are trying to trick google by creating an mail id from USA and applying on their new site the result is great adsense approved !!

 Problem is after the check out you cannot change the country during pay out, yes google actually hates the publishers from India, because in earlier 2000's many people tricked the google by clicking their own ads and making an office to click the ads which is a great violation google find majorly Indians doing this kind of activities. As a result more strict policy on Indian websites nowadays new talented publishers need to work hard to gain adsense in India, when they fail they just quit blogging and do different jobs.