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Publishers Must Avoid RevenueHits The Worst Ad Network

Ad Network Is One Of The Way For Earning Money For Bloggers / Publishers, Many Publishers Are Choosing Wrong Ad Networks Like Revenue Hits Were We Recently Faced Worst Experience With Revenue Hits Program,
Is An Absolute Waste Of Time, Many New Bloggers Starting Their Passion With New Websites, To Run A Website We Need Money Too For The Hosting Plans, In Order To Handle The Load Of Server From Huge Visitors, Dedicated Or Vps Is The Best Hosting Plans For The Websites But The Spam Publishers Like Revenue Hits Destroying The Passion Of Bloggers And Website’s Trust From The Visitors, This Program Call Themselves As CPM, CPA Network, CPC Network Bla Bla, But Its Not True The Way I Call Them Is Spam Network,

 Take A Look At This Image And You Can Get A Clear Opinion About The Revenue Hits, It Calls Itself A Cpm Network And Doesn’t Pay Anything For 25k Impressions And What About 500+ Clicks Same 0$ Not Even A Cent For Such Views And Clicks, The Ads Providing By This Network Is From Low Quality Advertisers Even Though Our Website Is A Niche Website The Ads We Received Is Download, Play Now, If We Click On Such Ads Its Automatically Opens Many Unwanted Spam Websites Which Cause Trouble For Mobiles And PC’s,

Some Popups Force Us To Install Some Nasty Plugins To Our Mobile And  Chrome Browsers, When We Look At This Advertisements In Mobiles The Mobile Starts Vibrating And Automatically Enters Play Store And Forcing To Install Some Apps Which Is Not Required By Us And Browsers Gets Crashed After Clicking Such Ads, And I See Many Paid Bloggers To Write Good Reviews For Revenue Hits Don’t Believe Them Go For Yahoo Media.Net Better Solution For Publishers