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Recent Post Widget WordPress Major SEO Demerits Remove Quick

Recent Post Widget WordPress SEO Demerits | This is one of the default option in WP – The recent post, your new news / articles / gallery are automatically shown on the right side of your wordpress website which is a cool thing but also makes trouble to your rankings,

WordPress Vs Recent Post Widget:

We initially had those wordpress recent post but later we realized this causing trouble to our search results, And google also hates such recent post which are not related to the content most times,

Why recent post is irrelevant:

For example if the post is regarding attorney news but in recent post shows gallery of a hot heroin is this relevant to the content even the little students know its not relevant and no surprise google will hate those pages, How Google bot looks these pages: Yes google bot will crawl each and every content + links in your page, some people add their neighbor websites links which is even worse, Other set of people will add follow tag to those links and google bot will search for attorney in your website and follows the link of actress and follows the link it pointing too,

 Impact on Search result: Many times we see search engine results shows irrelevant result because of our WordPress recent post widget, like showing title from recent post and content / spinet as main page content, actually the ctr for those results was too low, you cant expect visitors to click those titles, Factors for getting top 10 ranks in SEO: Many factors will be considered before a website to rank in top 10 one of important stuff among them is related post / related links,

many search engines wont index your website if your have multiple post with irrelevant contents, search engines will consider them as spam, If your website is too old search engines new algorithm won’t catch you for this but in case of new websites you will definitely get penalty and no good ranking.