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Savings or Pet insurance Which is best for the PET Owners 2017

Debate between savings and pet insurance which is best ? | You may have heard from other pet parents that a savings account is better than paying for pet insurance. Here at PetFirst, we want to prove to you that pet insurance is actually better than a savings account.
Let’s walk through a year’s comparison between your cost with a pet insurance plan and your friend’s cost with a savings account. You purchased a PetFirst plan, and your monthly premium is $33. Your friend has decided to put the same amount of money you spend on your monthly premium into a bank account. She’s putting $33 each month in a saving’s account for her dog’s vet costs.

Fast forward 6 months. Your friend is really bragging. She’s saved $198.00 and you have spent a $198.00! Uh-oh! Both dogs eat something they shouldn’t have and end up at the vet requiring surgery to remove the inedible objects from their stomachs, and each pet parent gets hit with a vet bill for $1,463. Your friend has to pay the entire $1,463 out of pocket on her dog. You pay your vet for the treatment, but get $1,226.70 in reimbursement from your pet insurance company. So, you are only out $236.30 for the vet care. Here is what we know: Our pets are going to cost us money.

It is estimated U.S. pet owners will spend $16.62 billion on veterinary care in 2017 alone. So, the next time you have a conversation with your friends about pet insurance, remind them pet insurance is a financial safety net for the unknown. It takes time to save up money, and you’ll never know when your pet may need access to that money for a veterinary expense. PetFirst. Love is simple. So is PetFirst. More info available in their official website.