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Which is best in 2017 Search advertising or Social ads?

Well we are in 2017 but still search engine advertisement is the best when compared to social ads in our personal experience check out why?
Search engine advertisement which is also called as search ads which is provided by the popular networks like adwords, social ads is the advertisement on the social networks like Facebook, twitter etc,.

 First we tried Facebook / twitter ads which has various type of advertisements including giving like to our official page, it actually worked but not efficiently yes it boosted up the likes and gave traffic to our website but its not worth people actually bounce back to Facebook with out interrogating / surf around our website, which is also not good for the website looking for good business / conversion. Next comes the adwords which  is the best online advertisement that is created by google the search engines king,

advantages over this adwords is it supports search traffic which is means if a user search for particular thing we can advertise on that our result will come at position one with the label as ad, Based on the quality we may get click or good impression and also with display network billions of websites around the world actually have adsense account so you can get referral traffic by promoting your content through adwords display network, these two actually lowers the bounce rate and increases the time people actually spent on our website. Yes this is because they clicked the ad based on their interest but not like social ads they are being fetched artificially by the social networks, interest will only make a good conversion so still in 2017 search engine advertisement is the best!