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Hosting Company | Website | Server | WordPress | CMS News 2017

Hosting | Website | Server News Updates 2017 | All about hosting news updates around the world we previously published many hosting news on our old website in order to show them in one single page we are merging all old contents to this new page,

 All Latest Hosting | Website | Server News Updates 2017:

This part holds all the latest news regarding hosting which is less than 300 words, you know google actually hates the articles less than 300 words so if no chance on writing such big we planned to publish them in this area. Tips for reconsideration: If you have received any penalty from google webmaster before giving a reconsideration request wait for atleast two days, review your site’s all pages in all platforms, test fetch as google whether the version of the website is same for both bots and users then submit a reconsideration request and please don’t submit empty reconsideration request. Two giants wordpress and google has joined hands for translating the content more than 130+ languages, new plugin for WP which is offered by the google support these maximum languages for now which may exceed in future, you can add these on your widget with a heading that will help your visitors to read your wordpress blog in the language that they are convenient to read, This option available for self hosted websites and wordpress hosted websites. – > Google recently dropped the feature on mobile devices SERP result Mobile friendly and now uses AMP – Accelerated mobile Pages instead of that, however this not give you full SEO Boost but a little always the content is the king and also if your pages loaded in seconds and passed the mobile friendly test you still the champ, Use less scripts and optimize for mobile phone check your page speed manually on mobiles. -> New Website launched by the Bangalore engineers

which is currently helping the people who are looking for money in ATM’s, Banks, Post Office the website which is designed to show you the Cash Machine which currently holds cash. -> Buy Domains for cheap cost in india 2016, hurry up! this is the right time to buy domain is india hosting legends godaddy, 1and1, big rock is selling new .COM domains for very very low cost which is less than 100 RS. Note: This offer is only for the new customers existing customers to try to fake them they may block your new domain. 52.Best email and file hosting service companies: Do you know why Multinational companies prefer to rely on Email hosting? As this is a very valuable resource, with the sudden increase/ demand of the email service. Huge number of companies prefers to communicate to their customers via. Email. This is a very attractive way for companies to gain new customers. To explain the process very easily, if you wish to have

email service on your own domain name, you can sign up for the email service. Email hosting is provided by the web hosting companies as well, however, this only supplies the POP3 email and basics in spam/ virus protection. If you own a small business then you do have to operate your business email using one of these providers since the email service is usually sub-par as compared to a professional email hosting service. Email hosting is potentially a very large enterprise, it offers a rich set of webmail features including unlimited aliases, unlimited forwarders, large attachments, autoresponders, robust spam/virus protection, mail rules, mailing lists

, whitelists, blacklists, backups, archiving, management of folder, management of contacts, etc. Additionally, it is necessary for all the companies to maintain security of their client email accounts. They do also want reliability of the servers on which those email accounts are stored. All the companies will prefer to save all the client emails on their own servers. Email hosting will allow this feature for all the customers. This security will provide a peace of mind for the professionals. Professional email hosting service is affordable as this eliminates the need of in house email serves and IT people to manage those. 51.Linux server vs windows dedicated website hosting:

well both the operating systems are absolutely different and yet powerfull,but in the case of website hosting the linux is the boss its not compareable with the other hosting operating systems,linux is the most popular operating system for web servers. Linux server vs windows dedicated website hosting

Since Linux-based hosting is more popular,most of the hosting providers will advise for the linux hosting only, it has more of the features web designers expect. Applications which require a Windows server: ASP Classic ASP.NET MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server) MS Access (Microsoft Access) Visual Basic Development C# Remote Desktop (dedicated server only)

Windows-specific applications For some applications, you may need to purchase a license and install the software on your Windows dedicated server. Microsoft Exchange (requires license & Installation) Microsoft SharePoint (requires license & Installation) Applications that require a Linux-based server. SSH Scripts or applications that require specific Apache modules Control Panels of both servers

Windows servers and Linux servers use different control panels. cPanel is available on all Linux-based hosting plans, such as Linux Shared, Reseller, VPS and Linux Dedicated Servers. WHM (Web Host Manager) is available on Linux Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Servers. Plesk is available on Windows Shared and Dedicated Servers. File Names

Another difference between Linux and Windows servers is that Linux files are case sensitive while Windows files are not. For example: On a Linux server, home.html and Home.html are different names. On a Windows server, home.html, Home.html and HOME.HTML are all the same name. Server Security

Although many people consider Linux to be more secure than Windows, both operating systems are equally secure. Security really depends more upon the server setup and the administrators running the server.

however we already said linux server is the pure winner till now , thanks for reading 50.How to backup my website free with or without software: Lets see how to back up your files easily with the simple steps you may find more steps on the internet space but this methods are quite simple without any blabbering stories the following are the couple of methods used for backup your website with any hosting plans you are using this methods will surely work How to backup my website free with or without software FILEZILLA The first method is one of the common method that is using filezilla software for backup your website, this file zilla software is quite simple to use , just login with the host name of your website then type username and password of your website and just press quick connect button,then you are connected with the website just download the files or you can move to other folder of your server or just move your website to other hosting providers by this method , this is possible with wordpress websites too softaculous wordpress Second method is with softaculous wordpress this will take regular backup if you are using wordpress , just login to your cpanel the find softaculous them you will see backup with database option on it prefer how much time should it take backup on your website ,it will also send you mail about the backup process (note: this backup might use your ram heavily while on process) another option to take daily backup which is highly recommended one Bluehost, Knownhost, Linode, Cloudways,ukfast

Cpanel manual backup: ON the cpanel backup method is done by just login to your cpanel on your website usually , you can find backup wizard option to take backup or restore the backup of your website ,its just as simple another method is manually open filemanager and copy all files to other folder and zip it to save the space or click download to download it to your computer 49.How To Hide My Domain Registration Details 2017: How To Hide My Domain Registration Details 2016 – Hosting, Lets See How To Hide Your Website Domain Registration Details From Others ,Safe Guard your Website Today We Are Going To See About Hiding The Domain Registration Details , We You Bought A Website Domain In Whatever Suffix Like .com,.us,.uk,.in Or Any Other You Need To Update Your Information About You To Your Hosting Provider , Its A Compulsory For Buying Domain Name ,you Can Also Enter Fake Details But You May Fake Some Legal Problems This Problem May Raise When Some One Needs Your Domain Name When You Enter Fake Details Of Yourself Like Mr.x Y Bla Bla , You Might Not Able To Sell Your Domain That Is Reselling Will Make Much Difficult , You Might Also Not Get Google Adsense The Only Trusted Source Of Income For Many Website Publishers, The Adsense Team Will Check Your Personal Details If You Entered Such Fake Details You May Not Get Your Application Approved, The Post Card Usually Sent To The Address In Your Domain Name

When You Asked For Advertisement For High Level Companies They Will Surely Check Your Details In Domain Registration With Such Improper Details Like Phone Number,email Id You May Not Get Advertisement From Such Companies Usually Why The People Not Entering Proper Details Because They Are Interested To Give Their Personal Details Online They Are Afraid Of It, You Can Check The Details About Your Domain Registration On This Website Click This Links

You Can Contact Your Hosting Provider After Buying Your Domain To Hide Your Details , And Also Popular Hosting Companies Providing Hide Details Option On The User Panel , It Will Be Updated After Couple Of Days.. 48.How Many Websites Are There In The World 2016 Survey: How Many Web Sites Are There In The World 2016 . Want To Know How Many Websites Around The World In The Year 2016 Click This Link For More Details About The Survey In The 1991 There Was Only One Web Site In The Earth Ya Just One Web Site Do You Know Why Because The Project World Wide Web Started At That Time Only Then On 1992 The Count Was Raised To 10 That Was Not Really A Good Count At 93 The Count Again Increased To 130, Hmm Not Bad Good Improvement I Think The Hosting Plans Were High During That Time How Many Websites In World 2016

But The Internet Users Were Too Damn High On That Year For 1 Million Users But Only 130 Websites Imagine If You Used Ad Sense On That Time Wow You May Be The Richest Guy In The Earth But Don’t Worry Google Was Created On 1998 Only On That Time 2 Million Sites In The Earth With 18 Million Users But After The Year 2000 The Count Went Too High More That 19 Million Sites Were Formed To Serve Us , After The Popular Sites Like WordPress, Paypal , Pinterest , Facebook , Twitter, WIki The Count Went To Sky Level , How Many Websites In World 2016 On 2015 The Count Was 968 Million On 2016 The Count Will Be More Than One Billion Wow That Was Super To Serve Us , Use These Site Or Create Your Own But Its Tough Task Now To Create Famous Site Unless U Have Good Idea Want To Know Current Online Users And Sites Created Now Click This Link First Web Site In The World Share This Article How Many Websites In World 2016 With Your Friends , For More Articles 47.How To Create A Free New Pro Website In Php Using Dreamweaver 2016:

How To Create A Free New Pro Website In Php Using Dreamweaver 2016, Want To Know How To Create A Professional Blog In Php Or WordPress Using The Dreamweaver Well Create A Brand New Website Is A Dream For Both Business Peoples And Students In College School Etc, On Early Days Building A New Web Site Was A Big Thing,there Are Only Some Sites Around The World ( Take A Look At Previous Article About How Many Sites In The World). But Now The Days Were Changed Building A New Website Was So Simple With Cms And Soft ware Like Dreamweaver, Notepad++ And Many Self Coding Development Software’s Are Making The Task Easy For Creating New Website. So You Might Hear About The Php Many People Suggesting This Coding Was So Simple To Create, And The Answer Is Some What Yes Its Easy To Create Site With Php Code, And If You Know Html You Might Also Include It In Your Php Coding. With Some Coding Knowledge In Php And Html Can Help You To Build Website On Your Own, For Tutorial On These Codes Click This Link W3schools Best Teacher For The Web Site Design Online, So How To Create Website In Php Using Dream Weaver, The Merits Of Using This Software Is It Will Automatically Write Code For You, And You Will Need Only Some Coding Knowledge For It , There Is An Option In Dream Weaver That Split Coding Area And Design Area With Such Design You Can Able To Create Tables, Insert Images, Flash And More Through Insert Option And Simple Right Click Option. This Is Applicable For The Simple Website With Design Based. If You Want A Website With The Insert, Update And Delete Option You Must Gain Knowledge About Mysql And Some Java Script. This Is The Simple Method For Creating Website With Php Coding Using Dreamweaver, After Creating Just Upload It To Your Hosting Area File Manager With Filezilla Software. 48.Cloud And Dedicated Server Hosting | gives Seo Advantage ?: Cloud And Dedicated Server Hosting gives Seo Advantage ? Want to know whether the cloud dedicated hosting and dedicated server hosting will give an advantage is the dedicated website hosting or the cloud hosting for the websites gives an advantage in the seo search result , this was the doubt that will arise for the many website owners on the shared hosting, vps hosting or other free hosting services provided by many hosting companies the answer is either yes nor no, because the content is always the king in seo whether you are in any kind of hosting which includes vps, dedicated or cloud, the search engine algorithm will check for the content and quality of the content first if it satisfied the search engine algorithms then you are absolutely number 1, or in top 10 if the newer articles arrives the seo based on the content fetched will affects your rank, but this cloud or dedicated hosting has an advantage that is they are unique ip and got a good name in the seo, so if two websites with shared or vps hosting and dedicated or cloud hosting posted a brand new article with same kind of content then seo will surely gives advantage for that cloud and dedicated hosting websites only , because in your shared or vps hosting there might be harmful websites shared with your hosting, so check with your neighbor websites, but this was an advantage for cloud dedicated and dedicated server hosting because they will not have any other websites hosted with you, you are all alone. so this type of hosting will surely boost your search engine rankings. 47.Buy Domain Names And Hosting Very Cheap Or Free 2016:

Buy Domain Names And Hosting Very Cheap Or Free 2016 – How To Buy The Hosting , Domain Names At Low Cost Or Free For New Website Click Here To Know More.. Here We Are Going To Discuss About How To Get The Domain Name Very Cheap, Less Than One Dolor And Pound In Us , Uk Aus Etc, And Also Less Than 100 Rs In India , Many Popular Extensions Like .com , .net , .us , .uk , Can Be Also Purchased Very Cheap . Buy Domain Names And Hosting Very Cheap Or Free 2016 For The Promotional Purposes Many Hosting Provider Companies Are Providing The Domain Names Very Cheap For Their Promotional Purposes Here Is The Simple Trick To Get Brand New Domain Names Very Very Cheap Across The World. Trick For Getting Domains Very Cheap Using Google :

For The Promotional The Hosting Companies Placing Their Ads On The Google Search Result , So Search For Domains Or Hosting Like This Popular Keywords On The Search Box Of Google , Yahoo, Bing Etc You Will See Many Advertisement Like Domain Names And Cheap Hosting Click On Them , They Were Ads From The Google Adwords , Register Your Domain Name Or Buy Hosting For Your Website From Them , You Will Get Very Low Cost Hosting And Cheap Or Free Domain Names. Its Better To Get Hosting From The Domain Name Were You Bought To Avoid Some Technical Problems How Ever These Domains Might Get High Cost Ant The Renewal Time Of The Domain, But Don’t Worry It Will Happen Once A Year Only , Or You Can Buy This Domains At 2 Years 5 Years Renewal Based On Years They Will Also Provide Some Offers On The Purchase. 46.How To Find Ram Usage Vps And Dedicated Server Hosting:

How To Find Ram Usage Vps And Dedicated Server Hosting – Check Out How To Find Out The Usage Of Ram And Memory In Vps And Dedicated Linux Server Hosting 2016 Today We Are Going To See About How To Check Our Ram Usage, Server Load And Other Usages On Both Vps And Dedicated Linux Server Hosting – We Are In Linux Server Hosting So Its Better To Write Article On Linux Hosting As Per The Hosting Experts Both The Windows Server Hosting And Linux Dedicated Server Hosting Has Both Merits And Demerits With Them But There Is No Clear Winner Yet But Both Are The Best In The Dedicated Hosting And Cloud Server Hosting You Don’t Need To Worry About The Ram Usages On Your Web Site But The Cases Were Changed If You Are In Vps Hosting Or Shared Hosting Its Simple To Find Out The Ram Usage On The Shared Hosting Cause Once You Have Login You Will See The Ram Usage On Your Left Corner, If You Have Low Traffic Then You Don’t Need To Worry About It But We Cant Say No Need To Check Ram Usage On Dedicated Server Hosting And Cloud Hosting Because Some Time You May Get Huge Traffic Its Safe To Check Periodically To Check The Ram Usage In Dedicated Hosting And Vps Hosting Log On To Your Cpanel And Go For Service Status By Typing On The Search Button Left Side. There You Will Get The Usage Of Ram , Server Load, Memory Used And Swap Used But Do Remember Handle The Dedicated Server And Vps Server With More Care, Don’t Share Your Password. 45.Google Adwords Vs Social Ads | What Makes SEO Advertisement Great:

Google Adwords Vs Social Ads|What Makes Seo Advertisement Great – Want To Know Which Is Better Google Adwords Or Social Ads Click Here To Know More based on the recent research that we have made we found google advetising adwords are the best form of online advertisements than the other ads like facebook , twitter ads etc why its major reasons are google is the king of seo , what ever the search term is you can advertise on them even you can advertise with your opponents keyword, for example taking two hosting companies one is softlayer other is rackspace if softlayer uses its adwords to advertise on the keyword rackspace then the user who search for the term in google search which is the popular and best search engine till date it will display softlayer as first on search result with the highlighted term google ads but it was a major advantages to softlayer it gets too much inspiration and better marketing . on other hand social ads like facebook and twitter supports page, promoting websites posts bla bla and twitter with some promotional trends will not help your business do you know why the users were not intrested in your ads and its a worst marketing strategy you will get low clicks on your advertisements and on recent reports the business which are done by such social ads are very very low when compared to the seo ads like google adwords we tried both adwords and facebook, twitter ads – google advertisement method is rocking yes google adwords are the best. 44.New Google Adwords Keywords Planner Tutorial 2016: New Google Adwords Keywords Planner Tutorial 2016 – Check Out The New Tutorial For The Google Keywords Planner , Find Out How To Setup Your Favorite Keyword For Your Business.. google has recently changed its view of creating ads for your business , adwords is one of the favorite tool to advertise on the internet space , many ads are being submitted through this adwords only , recently google has changed its adwords setup very simple , the following is the tutorial for the new google adwords 2016 update Login to your google adwords account , Sign up if you dont have one ,

Create the ad name for your identification select your ad audience for example if your targeted peoples are from india select india from the map or type for your country the select the keyword you want in this tutorial we are selected insurance agency , click the below video for the tutorial in audio Now enter your headline , ad text , web address and phone number and select if you want to advertise on the seo result of google or their partner website select partner website for best result for you Now Ad Budget For your ad as per your wish and proceed for the payment. 43.Reasons For Slow Websites On Dedicated Server Hosting: Slow Websites | Why Websites Are Slow Even At Dedicated Server Hosting, Many Of The Website Owners Are Still Confused About Why Their Websites Are Slow Even They Are In A Dedicated Level Server Hosting, Because They Were Advised By Many Peoples And In Online Space About Moving To That Server Hosting, Slow Websites | Reasons For Slow Websites : Because If It Comes Huge Traffic Usage And In Huge Resource Usage Their Shared Server Hosting And Vps Also Sometimes Will Not Help Them For Their Usage, So They Were Suggested By Their Hosting Providers To Move To A Dedicated Hosting Or Cloud Hosting With Simple Html , Php Or WordPress Websites Might Not Face Any Problems On Dedicated Server, But On The Other Cases The Websites With More Plugins, Scripts, Image Size Will Cause Huge Impact In The Website Load Speed, You Can Check Your Website Speed At Google Page Speed Tester And Pingdom, Steps To Avoid Slow Speed Loading – Reduce Image Size And Optimize It, Don’t Use More Css, Scripts Or If Your Scripts Ir Not Avoidable Then Move It To Footer Based On The Ratings Only You Have To Install The Plugins, Don’t Use New Plugins Give Payment For Some Speed Checker Websites To Know And Give An Mail To Know The Reasons Why And When Your Website With Dedicated Hosting Goes Slow Page Size Should Lesser Than 500kb

Don’t Use More Iframes And Image Load From Slow Server Websites This Are The Some Reasons For Slow

42.How To Change WordPress Website Into Https And Ssl: Well In This Article We Are Going To See Going To See About How To Change WordPress Site To Https And Problems You Might Face In Ssl WordPress 2016 Well after the google said about small seo advantage for the websites with https many website owners are changing there site to https , ssl , so what is that term https , its nothing but a secure level hyper text mark up language . this https will usually transfer data in and out from websites in the secure way , that is if you have entered some of your personal or some other data in to those website with https your data is secure one and data that has been transfer from that website to your personal computer or mobile phones or tablet is also secure . So its very hard for the hackers around the world to hack your data while on the such transfer type , so for the safe transfer the search engine said about your site will get a small seo benefit if you are in https support . WordPress vs https / Ssl : but most of the websites now a days are in wordpress which is the best cms around the world , which is easy to create and publish your data . but most of the users think that adding some plugins in my wordpress website will get https support and others think that adding https and web site name on the general settings of dash board of word press site will add https in front site name and will got green with the lock symbol on top bar that is wrong . you should buy ssl certificate from your hosting company and ask them to install it on your server , you must need dedicated server hosting with ip , then after install you have to change in dashboard > setting > http to https . How To Change Your WordPress Website Into Https And Ssl wordpress https not working images , css and scripts : In not some cases many of sites will have problem when you install https in your wordpress site , this is because of some following problems , your hosting company will not solve this one because its not their job to solve this , remove plugins in your site that is remove unwanted plugins which is not from the secure server which might let you to problem. remove hot link protection from the c panel or you have to change the re direct to https but you might face problem its better to leave them disable. add https to all images you can find some plugins in change of url . avoid loading scripts and css from other websites . well this are the most important points before moving your wordpress site to https , thanks for reading share this news. 41.How To Recover WordPress Website Crashed By Plugin Or Theme: If Your Hosted WordPress Website Crashed By Theme Or Plugins When You Installed It, Don’t Worry Follow The Below Steps To Recover Your Site Well Always Don’t Worry About The WordPress Website Crash Problem, Its Absolutely Recoverable At Most Of The Times, That’s Is 99% Its Recoverable Only, So What Is That One Percent, That One Percent If You Didn’t Pay Money For Your Hosting Company For The Renewal Of Your Website Jokes Apart Lets See What Are The Steps To Follow If Your WordPress Website Crashed By Some Nasty Plugins Or The Themes. Well Our Website Recently Crashed By Some Themes And Plugins, But We Recovered Soon Inorder To Save Neighbours In Same Platform WordPress If They Are Crashed By Some Themes Or Plugins This Article Will Save Them For Sure, Causes For WordPress Website Crash: Let’s See What Are The Reasons That Will Make A WordPress Website To Crash,first Thing Is While Installed A New Plugin Without Reading The Reviews Provided By The Other WordPress Friends, Even Though Good Reviews Will Also Not Help Many Times Because That Plugins Might Suitable For Them Not For Us. Other Reason In Installing New Theme, But Themes Are Not More Harm Full As The Plugins, One More Reason Is Editing This Plugins Or Themes Without Proper Coding Knowledge, You May Get Parse Error WordPress Website Crashed Recover Tips:

First Thing Is You Must Install Two Themes Always This Is Because If One Theme Crashed Go To Your Cpanel And Delete The Theme Which Made You To Stick In The Problem (Crashed Your WordPress Website), Location Of WordPress Theme In Your Website Cpanel Is “/wp-content/themes/ “. Even If You Have Not Installed Two Themes Go This Folder And Paste The Zip File Extracted On That Folder And You Can Able To See New Theme Installed, Website Crashed By WordPress Plugins: If Your Website Crashed By The WordPress Plugins Go To This Location Wp-content/plugins And Delete Those Plugins Folder, That’s It Your Problem Solved, Say Cheers Your Website Is Recovered. For More Hosting News In This Site. 40.Best WordPress Theme By In Twenty Series:

Find Out What Are The Best WordPress Themes For Websites That Are Developed By The Themes Creators In The Twenty Series Well, Its All Started On 2003, Creating A New Website Or Blog Became Very Simple After The WordPress, This Word Press Cms Is Purely Based On The Language Php And MySQL. As Of Now More Than 70 Million Peoples Were Using WordPress For There Sites This Is Simple History Of It. WordPress Themes History: The Success Path Of WordPress Is All About Its Good Looking Themes, This Cms Is Free As Always But They Provide Free Themes Too, And Another Benefit Of This Themes Are Easily Useable, Even You Don’t Have Any Code Skills You Can Able To Edit Them On Your Own In Easily. Selecting Best WordPress Themes: Even Though Millions Of Themes Are The WordPress Database But Some Themes Are Only Best, Without Proper Reviews And Good Catchy Themes Look And Feel Please Don’t Install Such Themes Because Sometimes This Themes May Harm Your Website And Your Data’s Best WordPress Themes In Twenty Series: From The Starting WordPress Releases Their Own Themes In The Series Of Twenty, Starts From Twenty Ten Theme To Twenty Sixteen Theme By Twenty Sixteen: Even Though This Twenty Sixteen Theme Recently Released Got More Downloads And Good Reviews Less Bugs Only Disadvantages Is Slight Slow Loading, Simple Clean Theme Design, 2016 WordPress Themes Stands Best Theme In Twenty Series. Twenty Ten: Twenty Ten Is One Of The Simple Theme And Starting Of This Series With Only Simple Image And Simple Menu View + Fast Loading This Theme Ranks 2 In Best WordPress Theme By WordPress, We Have Used This Theme For More Than One Year. Twenty Fifteen: This Is Also Simple Clean Website Design By Theme Creators, With Right Side Menus And Fixed Widgets Which Is Good Advantages For Adsense Users Gives Good Impressions, This Ranks 3rd In This List. Twenty Tweleve, Eleven, Thirteen And Fourteen Themes Are Also Good But Not Up To The Level Of The Top 3 Themes In 2016. For More WordPress Hosting News.

39.Best Place For Google Analytics Code In WordPress: Tutorial For The New Users For WordPress And Google Analytics About How To Place The Google Tracking Code In The WordPress Website If You Are New To The WordPress Cms The You Must Also New To The Google Analytics, What Is This Analytics Google Analytics Is A Tracker Which Helps You To Track All The Visitors That Are Coming To Your Website And What They Are Doing Inside Your Site. Creating Analytics Account: With Your Gmail Id You Can Create Your Analytics Account, After Verifying Your Website Using The Code You Can Login In Google Analytics, Check In The Admin Menu After You Login You Will Find Js Track Code On It, The Problem Starts Here Which Is The Best Place For Place That Code. Best Place For Placing Google Analytics Code: There Are Two Ways For Placing Code As Already Said In The Google Analytics One Is With Php Code Calling That Code Where Ever You Want, another Way Is By Js Code That Should Place The Pages You Want To Track, In WordPress We Need To Track In All The Pages For The Best Result Of Tracking, But Placing In All Pages Is A Bad Idea, Placing That Code In The Header .php In Themes Editor Of WordPress Is Also A Good Place But It May Slow Up Your Website Load Time, When You Check It On Google Page Speed Insight It Will Suggest You To Move Scripts From Header .PHP, So Footer Is The Best Place For It, Place It On Your Footer .php Which Will Not Slow Your Page And Best Way For Track Details About Your Site. 38.Best landing Page | Insurance Websites Tutorial 2016: Best Landing Page | Insurance Websites Tutorial 2016 – Bringing Traffic From Other Websites Or From Adwords Or Any Other Traffic Based Websites Is Simple Thing But Giving Good Impression To The Visiting Users Or Returning Users To Our Website Is The Most Important Thing, Because We Need To Create Impressive Landing Page And In Insurance Company Cases Landing Website Page Needs High Priority When Compared To Other Website Landing Design, Its Better To Setup The Complete Landing Page Of Insurance Website Above The Fold, Because Its Only Very Attractive And Give A Dominant Look And Feel For The Visitors, Above The Fold And Right Side With Form For Filling Gives Good Business For Sure Consider Short Form With Contact Number For Higher Ctr And After User Apply The Insurance Form For Car, Health, Bike, Business Or What Ever, You Can Clarify Them With Phone Conversation, For Car Insurance Display Car Image Wrecked Or Damage On Right And Short Form Fill On Left This Is Best Landing Page Practice For Car Insurance, For Health Show Good Family With Happiness For Better Clicks, And For Business Display Female Model With Professional Dress For Nice Business Look And Feel Landing Pages. Well This Is The Best Practice For Insurance Landing Page So Consider This Ideas Before Creating Site And Also Create Catchy Domain Names Its Also Matters, And Don’t Use CMS On Creating Landing Sites And Consider Adding HTTPS / SSL Secure Certificate In URL Which Will Give Hope For The Sites And Trust To Your Insurance Companies. 37.Give More Priority For Scheduled Backups Hosting Website: Give More Priority For Scheduled Backups Hosting Website | Reasons To Take Care The Backup Of Websites Daily Or Within Two Days Backup For Website Is Very Important Thing What Ever Your Hosting Company Is, Your Hosting Provider May Be Big Or Small But Consider The Regular Backup For The Websites Even Backup For 2 days Is Also A Good Plan You May Ask Why, You Can Also Include Plan With Your Hosting Company About Taking Regular Backup Additional To That Backup Why Should You Need To Take Another Copy To Your Home, When It Comes To Website Trust Your Data Backups Only A Recent Crashed Hosting Company Which Accidentally Deleted The Files Of All Its Clients Was A Proof Why You Should Take Backup On Your Home, No Its Not A Small Hosting Provider It’s A World Class Hosting Company Which Accidentally Deleted Most Of Their Clients Files, Its Has Mailed Its Clients About The Situation And Its Working On The Solution Another Client Mentioned About This Company Spoiled My Business And Others? If You Are Using WordPress Or Other CMS You Will Have Option To Take Backup Regularly By Itself, On Other Cases Use File zilla To Download Your Entire Files,and This Is Why Taking Data Backups With In One Or 2 Days Is So Important. Give-More-Priority-For-Scheduled-Backups-Hosting-Website

To Know More News About Hosting. 36.Problems With SSL / HTTPS Website Hosting And CDN Network: Problems With Ssl / Https Website Hosting And Cdn Network | Find Out The Problems And Solution For The Websites With Https And CDN Today We Are Going To See About The Problems Which Will Arise With The Website With Https Support And Cdn Network When They Are Migrate Together, Lets Get This Things Simple Ssl / Https Is Nothing But Secure Website Which Will Give Hope And Transactions With Such Websites Are Fully Secured, But If You Load Scripts From Other Websites Then Browser Will Not Show Https Before Your Url So Its Better Not To Load From Other Websites Or Load Them From Secured Websites. You All Know About Cdn Network Which Is Cloud Based Holding Millions Of Websites Cache Based On The Plan It Holds Cache For Day, Week, Month Etc, However It Allows Users To Load Their Websites In Seconds, The Problems Rise When Adding Our Https Website With This Cdn Network, Before Changing The Dns Of Your Websites To This Cdn Content Delivery Networks, First Add Your Ssl Certificates And Keys To It, If Not Then Your Website Will Not Load On The Browser And It Will Show Error Message As Err On Ssl Certificate, So Add Such Secured Ssl Certificate To Your Cdn Profile It May Looks Like Crypto Or Ssl Certificate Adding Option, Add This Certificate First Then Contact Your Hosting Company To Change The Dns Or You Can Do It For Yourself By Changing Dns Address However It Takes 1 Or 2 Days To Change To Cdn Dns. 35.Really Simple SSL | Solves Secure WordPress Problem: Really Simple SSL | Solves Secure WordPress Problem – If you are running wordpress website and upgraded to HTTPS you may have to face this issue The issue is like your wordpress website while loading in the browser, the popular browsers like chrome, firefox will show the error message like website is not secured fully or some times it wont load the scripts and will ask you to whether to load the scripts which might be malicious, In other case it will display pop up with add exception or Proceed to (unsafe), maximum of users will leave your website because it looks odd for the users and they feel unsafe, So in such case use this plugin Really Simple SSL which is a super cool plugin which will solve all your https/ssl problem in wordpress hosting website, you have other option like change your website URL by login your wordpress site then Settings > General > from http:// to https://, The use the plugin Search and replace, create a backup for your database first then select all table replace all urls with https. Read articles already we have posted about https, And more hosting news here. 34.Publishers Must Avoid Revenue Hits The Worst Ad Network:

Ad network is one of the way for earning money for bloggers / publishers, Many publishers are choosing wrong ad networks like revenue hits were we recently faced worst experience with revenue hits program, Revenue hits is an absolute waste of time, many new bloggers starting their passion with new websites, To run a website we need money too for the hosting plans, in order to handle the load of server from huge visitors, dedicated or vps is the best hosting plans for the websites But the spam publishers like revenue hits destroying the passion of bloggers and website’s trust from the visitors, this program call themselves as CPM, CPA network, CPC network bla bla, but its not true the way i call them is Spam network, revenue hits fraud review proof Take a look at this image and you can get a clear opinion about the revenue hits, it calls itself a cpm network and doesn’t pay anything for 25k impressions and what about 500+ clicks same 0$ not even a cent for such views and clicks, the ads providing by this network is from low quality advertisers Even though our website is a niche website the ads we received is Download, Play now, if we click on such ads its automatically opens many unwanted spam websites which cause trouble for mobiles and PC’s, some popups force us to install some nasty plugins to our mobile and Chrome browsers, When we look at this advertisements in mobiles the mobile starts vibrating and automatically enters play store and forcing to install some apps which is not required by us and browsers gets crashed after clicking such ads, And i see many paid bloggers to write good reviews for revenue hits don’t believe them go for yahoo better solution for publishers 33.How To Get Wordads On #Wordpress:

Since the day of wordpress ads which is also known as wordads showing its steady development in online advertising programs, No introduction needed for wordpress the biggest CMS platform which is used to create stylish and user friendly websites, Currently wordads is in beta mode which is testing not all wordpress hosted websites are eligible for joining this wordads program, However the program needs some minimum requirements like more viewers and website quality etc,. The wordads program not mentioned anything about how much viewers required per day, but you can apply from this Apply for wordads, they also have some rules like family safe sites because wordads has google Adsense as partners, But word ads wont pay per click its all about impressions more the website get viewers more you get paid, payment will delivered once in a month by pay pal, check proof for the payment in their official blogs, Cost of impressions is high for US viewers and international viewers has some less pay, we recently get approved for wordads more review will be updated later, And one more thing you need jet pack plugin for approval and activate site status settings in jetpack to get perfect viewers and views status in site, Once you get approved you will be notified via Email to participate in the program and you need to install ad control app which has some settings like show ads for new visitors then ad position in header + show hide / ads etc,. 32.Adsterra CPM network for publishers review 2016: Adsterra cpm network review 2016 | Is this cpm – popup – ecpm network is a good one to participate for the publishers? Well we have searched for this search term about adsterra cpm network review we didn’t get any clear review about this network, In one or two forums we found some users has commented this is a good network, But when we used this cpm network we found more disadvantages on this advertising network, Many websites posted this adstreaa is one of the best alternatives of adsense,, infolinks bla bla .. Our answer after the review of this network is no, this is not best alternative for them this ads are absolute spams which is harmful to both publishers and users, More demerits on mobile viewers of your website it will automatically open play store, auto opening spam sites and some times more vibration on mobiles, On desktop ads opening to Spam sites on popups some times even we didn’t open any link popup is auto opens to spam sites and plugins for chrome and firefox, So you may think this is the disadvantages for users what for us / publishers?, Yes you have major demerits than viewers their scripts have Sammy / abusive / s*** keywords which will show huge negative effects in your seo, Search engines may block your websites For such Spam internal keywords, we received email from adwords regarding Spam intenal keywords / scripts to remove them, And not all your impressions are calculated they calculating only some top level countries viewers, so this is the review of adstreaa publishers should avoid them!! 31.Moving WordPress Website from one host to another Host with New Domain name: Moving WordPress Website from one host to other Host with New Domain name | This was the hardest task ever for web developer / website, even though the process is simple but if some careless mistake while moving it may result your website will down time forever Follow the below steps carefully if you want to move as required as above title, Step 1: Backup old website / domain:

no matter how big is your website is you have to take entire backup, many steps for taking backup, with no matter how big is your website is you have to take entire backup, many steps for taking backup, with cpanel backup wizard, filezilla, cyber duck and manually download from panel by zipping group of files, Download your database from phpmyadmin in cpanel of old website, make sure your php.ini file has maximum upload size because big websites has huge database size more than 2 mb, 2 mb is the max upload database size in many websites, We choose manually download group of files, you may ask why its so good then others, when we tried cpanel backup wizard it disconnects after 1gb file downloaded so this tasks failed, second mission is from filezilla many hosting providers blocked such login don’t know whether they afraid of such moving to new host, As a result we choose third method zip your website’s files then download every zip files to your computer, use this method for regular backups too, Step 2: Login to your new website domain / uploading to new domain: Login to your new website domain cpanel, then open file manager upload all files to public html folder, after the upload complete upload your database to your new domain cpanel, Sometimes the large database .sql files are not allowed to upload in cpanel however as said before editing php.ini will solve this problem, after this steps take a rest, yes you have completed 70% of your task. Step 3: connecting the database and configuration to new website: connecting the database and configuration to new website: First you have to change the database link to new website change the login url in wordpress database PHPMyAdmin, after that login with your wordpress login, you can also change the wordpress url to new by wp-config files, Then install search and replace plugin to your new wordpress website where you can replace all domain name used and file name to new domain name, now all your files are connected to new domain name, Step 4: redirect traffic to new website: cpanel redirect this is the last important step redirect all your traffic to new domain not only to visitors but seo to, this allows both search engines to understand that website moved to new domain name, 301 redirect is the permanent redirect you cannot reverse this process, you will find option in cpanel to redirect all to new domain name option enable wildcard too, Thats it!! your new domain raises These are the very simple steps to migrate to new website, feel free to comment us, if you don’t like this steps we will do redirect/migrate at low cost contact us in our official email address..

More hosting news 30.Change your old Domain SEO traffic to new Website: Change your old Domain SEO traffic to new Website | This was most important thing if you are moving are planned to move website to new web address / domain name, changing domain name seo impact: Many webmasters / website owners afraid of this change because they have doubt if this change may show negative SEO impact in their traffic or not, The answer is no but you have to properly redirect your traffic to new domain name, before you redirect you traffic kindly check this article about how to make proper move of all old contents to new website, Note: You cannot change the name of your domain like renaming the file or folder, you should buy new domain name and hosting to make a move, 301 redirect google ranking: Once again 301 will not affect your google ranking but you should remember 301 is a permanent redirect so don’t make any plans like bringing back to old domain or with 1, 2 suffix, google 301 redirect seo: Not only google many search engines will crawl your website daily, first you have to make .htaccess redirect, Many .htaccess 301 redirect you may find in internet space but i find following code is the best for redirect RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC,OR] RewriteCond %{HTTPS_HOST} ^ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301,NC] Double check whether your old domain name is http or https, because some of your pages may be secured you may loss your secured visitors, Changing redirect from cpanel: This optional one but you can redirect all your website traffic to same directory to new domain, check on wildcard redirect too, changing domain name google: Inorder to change completely you should maintain old domain name in a cheap hosting for more than 6 months to make a complete move, don’t worry many cheap web hosting providers are available near you, google change of address tool: Before you use change of address tool you should submit sitemap for new website domain name, the copy the suffix /sitemap.xml, to old domain name it will allow to crawl faster redirects to new domain, Adding fast crawl to old domain name is also good advantage, then click on change of address tool in old webmaster then add new websites to redirect / 301 / permanent redirect, By following the above steps you will not loose your single traffic and single ranking. More updates in hosting.

29.WordPress URL Shortened, Short links for all your Posts: WordPress URL Shortener, Shortlinks for all your Posts | Best way to short the URL in WordPress posts and page, wordpress is on of the powerful CMS in the world which is widely used by billions of websites URL is usually catches great attention for the visitors in search engines and social networks, i actually hate urls with hidden redirect to other website that’s too bad google + other seo’s and even most of the people never like such activity, Those websites actually lossing hope from the visitors how are you sure that that user will re-visit your website, a repeated visitor is the advantage in SEO and helps your website to grow further so don’t hide your url, So what about long urls and wordpress urls, i suggest you to change the wordpress url structure first in the settings tab like name thats the best option to select, its better to change it on the beginning of your wordpress website creation, beacause it might create some misunderstanding after published, Yes wordpress usually takes the slug based on the title then you can rename it, but some seo experts think long url is not a problem even we have many post with longer url so thats not a matter but in the case if you want to promote them on twitter or adwords comes problems they will ask you to short your url, In that case, use this method like copy the post number which can be found on post editing, the your domian** replace * with numbers that’s it you have made your URL shorter than before, but it may not work for the post number exceed which is usually for big websites. 29.Best Hosting Company In India 2016 User Review: Best Hosting Company In India 2016 User Review | Looking for which is the best company for cheap and best hosting services in india ? We looked for best hosting services in india since 2014 the day we started the website we tried various of website hosting companies in india with real cheap and reliable, every time we failed to find out the best but finally we got it yes its none other than godaddy, its not a promotional article or affiliate for godaddy we really satisfied with the godaddy hosting services, hosting services is not only maintain good server its also about maintaining good customer service, not cheating customers to often update to vps, dedicated, cloud hosting etc,. Single word review about our previous hosting companies which are popular in india is waste of money !, they actually cheated us we used wordpress and 2 plugins which is very important to wp they started mailing you completed your resource limit bla bla, to upgrade to other servers your are spoiling our shared servers, Then we updated to vps they said the same then our traffic grown to more than 50k visitors per page then again they suspended and mostly they will not reply after as a result loss of visitors and seo rankings, we updated to dedicated server which is real high compared to other hosting companies, Later we are in situation to move back to shared server then we migrate our website to shared server linux ultimate plan in go daddy, this is one of the most powerful shared server ever seen, The server actually handles the website which run previously on a dedicated server if you are webmaster you will know how big it is !, And when we wrongly typed name servers the award winning customer care in godaddy really helped us more to solve the problem with in 15 mins, So as user / webmaster godaddy is the best hosting company in india in 2016, thats the truth! 27.Link Facebook Page With Twitter Account In Just Two Steps: Link Facebook Page With Twitter Account In Just Two Steps | Find the best and simple way to merge your Facebook page and twitter accounts Ya we know there are many methods in internet about merging this FB page and twitter but we have found best and simple way and we are sure its will merge your accounts within fraction of seconds we actually save your valuable time, Why need to link fb and twitter:

well if you are having fb page or twitter account its not only end your social circle just kidding just think whether you are blocked by any one you can survive with other :), Its not like that we pray that you won’t get blocked however many fb users uses twitter and twitter users use facebook, so to increase the circle you have to give a friendly link that helps thank god both the social networks allow to share the posts and news between them, With this if you post a news or photo to facebook page or twitter account, it will also republish to your similar account in real time with their urls like or based on the length they will reduce it. Simple step to link Facebook and twitter: First you need to login both twitter and fb accounts on the same browser it will reduce your time for connecting each other, click this link that will show the window about which fb page or profile you want to connect with your twitter account. 26.High CPC Hosting keywords in United Kingdom 2016: High CPC Hosting keywords in UK 2016 | Check out the high cpc keywords in hosting category in united kingdom Hosting keywords always have high CPC in the pay per click advertising networks, the following keywords are the latest trending and high cost per click keywords in UK 2016. Based on the various data’s collected around UK hosting networks we bring you best keywords for hosting criteria 2016, you can use them in adwords or you can write articles on the following high CPC hosting search terms. web hosting who is hosting the 2020 olympics website hosting free photo hosting godaddy image hosting smart hosting free website hosting minecraft server hosting free web hosting wordpress hosting wordpress 1&1 hosting free image hosting web hosting uk vps hosting whois email hosting 123 reg free hosting who is hosting the 2024 olympics hosting uk cloud hosting

g1 hosting best web hosting mc pro hosting business web hosting eco web hosting domain registration google analytics wordpress themes who is hosting vidahost nominet minecraft server hosting uk best free web hosting web site design cpanel hosting wordpress hosting uk cloud hosting free hosting best web hosting smart hosting Well These are high CPC Hosting keywords trending in UK 2016. 25.High CPC Hosting Keywords In Australia 2016: High CPC Hosting Keywords In Australia 2016 | Hosting keywords Having high impact In Aussie Pay per click network, So if you are an advertiser or publisher you need this following hosting related keywords. If you are a Hosting company in Australia looking for good new trending articles or looking for fresh keywords to make an impact on adwords one of the popular advertising network bookmark this page soon, We have updated most recent trending hosting related keywords which are been searched by the people of Aussie, so you can feel how important is this thing, if the people looks the title they searched for then you can make good business, Australia Trending Keywords In Hosting Category: web hosting free hosting website server hosting domain hosting free web hosting image hosting email hosting google hosting cheap hosting free website free website hosting wordpress hosting wordpress

minecraft hosting file hosting domain name minecraft server minecraft server hosting domains free image hosting cloud hosting crazy domains joomla md web hosting minecraft hosting minecraft server minecraft server hosting cloud hosting crazy domains joomla md web hosting minecraft servers wordpress hosting australia google apps westnet hosting bluehost wix ventraip crucial hosting inmotion hosting jumba dreamhost crazydomains webcity wordpress hosting wordpress google hosting domains file hosting Not only Key queries we are providing we are also showing you top related topic to hosting in australia 2016, check out below data. Web hosting service Website Domain name Server Dedicated hosting service

WordPress GoDaddy Virtual private server PHP Cloud computing IP address Web design Free Upload Joomla Amazon Web Services Google Apps for Business Bluehost Microsoft Azure Magento DreamHost WordPress GoDaddy Cloud computing Joomla Amazon Web Services Google Apps for Business Bluehost Microsoft Azure Magento DreamHost Drupal Weebly Maryland DayZ Virtual private server Server IP address Upload 24.2016 High CPC Hosting Keywords in Canada: 2016 High CPC Hosting Keywords in Canada | Wait is over find out the best high paying keywords in hosting category at canada

So whats the use of this keywords only for writing high quality article? answer is yes but also its useful for the advertising people who requires the people to click on new and fresh keywords in hosting, This keywords are the search queries that the Canadian people searching daily in their search engines, so if you provided the article or advertise on this specific keywords in adwords or other ppc ( don’t choose them they are not worth ), High CPC Hosting Keywords 2016: web hosting . free hosting . server hosting . website hosting . webmail . domain hosting . wordpress hosting . wordpress . godaddy . godaddy hosting . google hosting . telus hosting . email hosting . bell hosting . minecraft hosting . canada web hosting . canadian hosting .

image hosting . free web hosting . minecraft server hosting . shaw hosting . free website hosting . free website . hosting services . cloud hosting . ark server hosting . rust server hosting . Related Topics: Web hosting service . Website . Server . Webmail . Domain name . GoDaddy . WordPress . Dedicated hosting service . Telus . Minecraft . Bell C

anada . Shaw Communications . . Cloud computing . Virtual private server . Party . IP address . HostGator . Amazon Web Services . Bluehost . Squarespace . ARK: Survival Evolved . DigitalOcean . 88th Academy Awards . ARK: Survival Evolved . Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud . Squarespace . Imgur . Virtual machine . Docker . CentOS . Shopify .

DigitalOcean . Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment . 23.Trending High CPC Hosting Keywords India 2016: Trending High CPC Hosting Keywords India 2016 | Hosting one of the fastest growing business in india not only that its one of the high CPC in ad networks followed by insurance, But you have to go for good and trusted hosting companies india, if you choose hosting companies based on phone calls says that we a hosting company XYXYXY like to host your website, please don’t go with them you will suffer a lot just like us, Choose best hosting companies like Godaddy, Bluehost, Google and more, a common complaint for indian hosting niche website is CPC is very low and low traffic, the answer is you are driving wrong traffic and less conversations on your websites is the reason, We are providing data below is the recent high cpc and trending searches by the people of india regarding hosting and related article towards hosting and its companies, hosting web . free hosting . server hosting . website . website hosting . web hosting free . domain hosting . domain . hosting image . host . best hosting . google hosting . file hosting . wordpress hosting . wordpress . free hosting website . free website . php . godaddy hosting . php hosting . email hosting . godaddy . minecraft hosting . windows hosting . cheap hosting . minecraft hosting . minecraft server hosting . minecraft server . joomla . joomla hosting . hosting zdjęć . google apps . magento hosting . minecraft servers . free joomla hosting . hostinger . 000webhost . wix . kgb hosting . hosting zdjec . rapidshare . darmowy hosting zdjęć . cloud hosting . wordpress hosting . wordpress . django hosting . megaupload .

hostgator . darmowy hosting plików . imgur . Related articles hosting: Web hosting service . Website . Domain name . Server . Dedicated hosting service . GoDaddy . PHP . WordPress . Virtual private server . Free . Cloud computing . Upload . File Transfer Protocol . Linux . MySQL . IP address . ASP.NET . . Joomla . HostGator . Amazon Web Services . Drupal . Google Apps for Business . FileZilla . Joomla . Google Apps for Business . Magento . Cloud computing . Microsoft Azure . .

Windows Communication Foundation . git . WordPress . . HostGator . Amazon Web Services . Ruby on Rails . Google Sites . FileZilla . Node.js . KGB . Weebly . Drupal . Podcast . GoDaddy . Virtual private server . Server . 1.Why Adwords Display Network Ads Are Best 2016: Some adwords users are not checking adwords display networks and they are not un aware about the power of display networks ads so what are this display network ads? Display network ads are like seeing your ads in other websites even at your competitors website, billions of publishers are holding partnership with the Adsense so many chances for your competitors websites can hold Adwords ads on their websites too, That’s something cool, entering your opponents website and displaying your website’s link, you can block the ads in adsense by entering your opponents website URL, If you ask which ads are better search vs display the answer is search network where you have higher conversation but in display network you will have higher audience and new audience reach on that. Its a required one to add analytics on your site which will help to analyse percentage of new visitor to your site, this will build new audience and aware of your site where marketing these days are necessary one. So don’t concentrate on backlinks and other seo stuffs, just concentrate on content and marketing, More hosting news on this link. 2.Create meta description in WordPress without plugin: Many word press users actually hate plugin main reasons are they are from other sources that are not trust able other is it will increase page load time That is not avoidable the load time increases because such plugins uses java script this increases the load time in your website in order to save load time which is a SEO advantage its better to reduce your plugins, As we said on earlier articles to remove sitemaps the search engines will do their jobs, many users asked in chat session about our website misses the meta description in home page, yes in post or page of WordPress the search engines will crawl them , but it home page it will crawl the first description of the post in index to avoid such situation add description given below ( it’s just format don’t copy text ) in index page of your websites,

Adding author is also a seo advantage don’t forget to add them too. Please don’t paste it in header section (header.php) which will make same description on all your content. 3.War Between Back links vs Content Who is the Winner: War Between Backlinks vs Content Who is the Winner | Well who is the big daddy? backlinks or content lets take a look at which one you have to concentrate. Lets get this thing straight, many debates regarding this some say back links are the best you have to concentrate on them only, others say content is the best so work on it, So what is the current strategy who is best in current popular seo algorithms, back links are the best before 5 years, search engines gave huge rank impact if the website has tons of back links, Making that a demerits many started business in that like fake link building business as a result they screwed search engines later in penguin and panda update the backlinks not playing important role, Content is taking care of your rankings based on the content that is high quality content your website gets ranked, more talented in google actually updated that algorithm based on backlinks, So don’t try to fool SEO you may get banned because of those irrelevant backlinks which are very harmful nowadays, Don’t accept calls or SEO guys who says for top 10 google rankings they actually build tons backlinks which will give temporary top 10 result and permanent ban, And you cannot see your site in rankings until you clear them, so don’t get yourself in trouble. Concentrate on quality and slow and steady back links. 4.Best Adsense Ads Size for Higher CTR and CPC 2016: Best Adsense Ads Size for Higher CTR and CPC 2016 | Which size adsense ad is suitable for you website? We are writing this because you must aware that ad size also let to ban of your website from AdSense, you know Adsense is one of the trusted source of income from blogging the more you work hard the more you can earn, Why the size matters in Adsense yes size always matters in Adsense if you choose the ad size of 300*600 which is currently big boss ad size ( yes there is more big banner but less competition so we took this example) you are placing this on left or right side in desktop version of your website that is ok no problem with that, But make sure one screen or page has only one 300*600 ad multiple ads in this size will let you to ban your website. Three ads are allowed in a page is the fact but not 3 300*600 or similar big Ad size, so choose one big banner and two small banners, You should solve above problem first but what is next is really bad if you have different theme for mobile and desktop version is ok, but don’t show this large ad on mobile which will entirely hide your content and also lead to accidental clicks which result to ban of your site so choose wise small ad size and one ad per screen that is you should not see multiple Adsense ads on same mobile screen this will also lead you to ban your website. So which is the ad size for higher click through rate and CPC is choosing three new responsive ad size, even though your website is responsive but if you placed big ads on it, while changing to mobile it will show desktop version size on mobile which is both users and Adsense won’t like, So choose responsive ads with three different name to find out its best outcome through good placing on your website. 5.How To Update DNS Name Servers With No Downtime: Trick To Update DNS Name Servers With No Downtime | There is a small trick for updating the name servers of your website with less or zero downtime, If you are changing your website / domain name server from same provider and same hosting then there is maximum 90% downtime will not occur, before that you have to understand about down time, Downtime of the website is the most dangerous part in your website career more the downtime you have will lowers the CTR, if a visitor seeing your website in search result clicking on it but he / she saw only the website with errors or site not found it will give a bad remark for sure, yes down time is un avoidable but think about visitor getting same errors every time he visits? he will never visit your site for sure because an idea is fetched in his mind about this website is not reachable.

What about the search engines, the spiders know there is some down time which is not avoidable in most of the times, but every time if it saw error it will notify you through webmaster ( if you don’t have webmaster account please create one in google which is free), more the DNS errors you receive will lowers the rank for sure, Ok, let’s get back to the topic most of the time we choose domain names on different provider and hosting on other providers it is because of cost, yes some time that provider may give discount for domain or hosting, even we choose like that which may create problem later, The problem here is if we choose hosting on other we have to update name servers in this domain provider, including DNS name server, DNS TXT record and DNS A record, so here is the trick for updating and see your site quickly just add only one robots file in your hosting file manager and nothing else more you add load to hosting more delay will occur for sure it may take 48 hrs to 72 hrs if you have large files, with simple notepad text file it only takes some second to update this all. 6.Date in Snippet Description Lowers CTR In Search Engines Results: Date in Snippet Description Gives Low CTR | Many reasons that date in your snippet will considerably reduces your click through rate in search engines. You can see your search result in search engines you can see the date of the article or you news or what ever you published in your website, the search engines will crawl the date of the article published from the date that present in your website, Most of the time this date will impact on SEO, you know what if the users sees your website on the result of google they will note the date also, these date usually appears before your website’s address, But if the users requires new information on that article will they click your website thats shows old date absolutely no, So remove the date from your posts, show the date and updated date only to the search engines and no to the users the users actually hate old date posts, you need to update the title too like the post updated on particular date, in order to get good click through rate for your website. Don’t try any thing silly like adding daily dates on your post that is absolutely use less don’t think that the search engines and the users are fools. 7.How Does WordPress SEO plugins affects your Rankings?: How Does WordPress SEO plugins affects your Rankings? | This sounds crazy and new you might have searched internet about the wordpress SEO plugins which will boost up your rankings, You might hear it for the first time yes wordpress seo plugins may affects your ranking seriously, if you have done the following changes, its better to create sitemaps for your own slow and steady always wins the race, Other opinion is don’t create sitemaps create content with clear links then no sitemap is needed, you need to add date in your posts don’t worry search engines will take care if any updated content on your page, So what is the problem with such SEO plugins like yoast and All in one seo, the problem is if you choose yoast you must in the yoast side until the end of your site same for all in one seo, If you changed these plugin in meantime the problems rise for sure, for example of you gave a title for your post in wordpress, And in the bottom screen you may see the yoast plugin suggesting you a new title or need more, you will change them so what happens then is search engines will receive two titles for your posts, After some days if you deleted those plugins you will see different results on search engines, do you want such things choose the title wisely don’t change it for plugins write for viewers and not for search engines, Search engines nowadays like high quality content, don’t ever try black hat or white hat just throw your hat. 8.Change Website Domain Name Good idea? Change Website Domain name Good idea? | Check out change of website address is a bad idea you may suffer a lot, If you created your website for just supporting your business and you want to change domain name, if you have got perfect suitable domain and you have less traffic then you can change your domain name no worry’s, But if your business is based on the website and you are getting much traffic, if you are planned to change the domain name then answer for you is no!, there may be agents brain wash you about we will change it for you, don’t accept them! Yes there are tools, Change of address, 301 redirect and more, but they can regain only 40% of your traffic, you will loss your brand and backlinks, for the full recover it may takes up to 8 to 9 months,

Are you ready to wait ?, think about your competitor they will go sky high, And think about domain authority which playing important role in SEO, domain age ? you will loss all this things, Even though you have high quality articles if your domain name has less authority then your opponent will rank high than you, So Take this thing very serious, Don’t play with domain names and you will suffer for sure. 9.Submit Two Sitemaps While Changing Domain Name: Submit Two Sitemaps While Changing Domain Name | This is most important thing while you changing old domain name to new domain name We already published many articles regarding change of address / change of domain names, due to many reasons you may hate your current domain name, top reasons are you may find suitable name for your business or you may get .com domain which has many advantages, So after moving your website to new domain name don’t forget to inform google where the majority of search traffic coming, You may face many problems if you didn’t inform the SEO king, But every website owners wants to crawl your new website fast and they wan to index new one faster, for such necessary requirement you have to submit two site maps one with old url and one with new website’s url, With this crawl google bot will check old url in that sitemap which will have new 301 redirect with this technique you can able to get indexed your new site faster, Also check the message in change of address request in google webmaster whether you have received successful change of address or not. 10.Backlinks SEO Disadvantages | Bad backlinks can destroy your website: Always keep an eye on your backlinks, it has power to destroy your website if your website has spammy inbound links. Our website has been taken down by google and other search engines because of such bad backlinks, those spammy websites entirely copied our content and with our links, we didn’t care about those links even webmaster warned us, but as a result. But as a result our entire website marked as pure spam and reconsideration in manual action not worked, so it’s our strong advice to take your backlinks seriously some idiots always tries to bring big websites down using this methods. Check your backlinks by login your google webmasters if you don’t have one hurry create it and then click search traffic > then links to your site you may see many websites pointed to your site, it’s compulsory to check them periodically many spammy websites may point to your website which will surely show big disadvantages in SEO ( negative impact / negative SEO). Always mail to the websites to remove those backlinks or use disavow tool to remove those domains if they looks spammy, google will remove it for you if you don’t take this serious then you have to suffer. 11.Creating Twitter Share Button In WordPress Without Plugin.: Well we already published article on creating Facebook share button tutorial, so what about twitter another powerful social network in our earth Many share button plugins available in WordPress, well if you have powerful hosting its not a problem even thousands of visitors shared your article itself it won’t make your sever down, But think about the websites on shared and VPS hosting this will makes their server down, because those plugins uses more java script but too much of scripts usage will bring down time, so less usage of plugins is better for those hosting websites. So that’s the need of this tutorial even though many tutorials regarding this but its seems some complicated on those articles but below is the simple step to add manual twitter share button. First login your WordPress and navigate to appearance editor, select your current theme, we found some times this method not work on widgets so its better to place inside footer of your theme which has advantage because it will call every time your page loads. ” target=”_blank”>Tweet This In Twitter

Now add the above code inside the place you want you can add image source to that which will give nice look and feel, adding target blank on links always increases visitors staying time on your website which is also an SEO advantage. well this is it, if the users click the above link then twitter sharing popup will open. 12.Create Facebook Share Button In WordPress: Every News / article / photos what ever needs sharing not only for the Backlink purposes it will also boost the trust and popularity of your website Many ways to share WordPress URL of the website in facebook, you can share your website’s url on facebook by copying the address of your page to facebook to share them but you can’t expect your viewers to do such things, The visitors always expect simple methods for sharing, if your articles are awesome they will expect to share it but if there is no share button then they think the web developer in early 90’s, so we are going to give tutorial for creating your own sharing button. WordPress facebook sharing button plugins: Actually we hate plugins, you can use WordPress plugins only if they are un-avoidable don’t use too much of plugins, try to make it on your own its not rocket science so maximum work with wordpress without plugins this method is also work in wordpress websites too, But do remember paste in widgets or in appearance theme editor but not inside PHP code. The users must login on the same browser in-order to share your url if not then they will force to be login for sharing such address, facebook developed much you can’t share spam websites link inside them. ” target=”_blank”>Share This In Facebook well above is the code you are looking for just paste them in your website, If you need buttons add some ‘img src’ code and css for good look and feel. 13.Website without Sitemaps will The Search Engines Crawl it?: Website without Sitemaps will The Search Engines Crawl it | Many webmasters still believing submitting the sitemaps is the only way to get index in popular SEO’s like google, yahoo, bing, ask etc,. My question to those webmaster’s are you in 1990’s the search engines developed too much these days they will crawl you website daily you can see them on you google webmaster’s site, For example some website owners who don’t want their website to indexed in search engines actually they don’t build sitemaps or other this to crawls but the bot will surely crawl them even though you have not submitted your sitemaps, If you don’t want to get indexed then put a notepad file mentioning no index for the bots, this helps not index particular folder or file on your website, if you build great site with proper link then the bots will automatically index your websites for sure, Even you can get good rankings too the content is always king based on you content the websites will be indexed in good rankings, so no problem if you have sitemaps or don’t have one, don’t worry just concentrate on contents only, the bots will take care your indexing, But if your website has no proper linking then you need site maps this will helps the bots to find out which post is new and regularly updated and more, sitemaps will never guarantee your top 10 rankings. 14.Sharing Post on Social Networks Plugin vs Manual in WordPress: Sharing Post on Social Networks Plugin vs Manual in WordPress | sharing your news on social networks like facebook, twitter etc,. holds many advantages, we found many demerits posts running regarding this that’s actually fake one.

Even many Search engines like google, bing, yahoo loves this kind of stuff, they actually building the trust and backlinks of your website, every webmaster knows how important is a back link to a website this is like pillars to website actually we are speaking about good back links, keep in mind always track your backlinks on webmaster and analytics in google don’t get your self in trouble by getting bad back links, so this much power full is social backlinks actually if a user shares / pings your links is also giving you great strength to your website, when it comes to wordpress many of you will know many sharing plugins available among them SNAP is the current best while we have used it however choose best hosting in order to use such kind of plugins, these plugins won’t gets too much of ram usage but some hosting companies may cheat you based because you are using such plugins and all, This was a disadvantage while using this plugins some hosting companies may stop / suspend your account if you are in shared server, i thinks that’s only demerits in advantages case there are many merits if you are active website and will post tons and tons of news then you need a social sharing plugin, Because there is no time for the vast content creators to share it on social networks these plugins saves the time of such websites, but always check whether its actually shared every time, but manual sharing is best for small websites for using current trend hashtags. 15.Is using Widgets in WordPress Safe? | Demerits of Widgets: Is using widgets in WordPress safe? | demerits of widgets | Using the widgets in WordPress or any other CMS may harm your website rank or may ban from SEO, You may see the warning from google webmasters manual action like unnatural links from your websites, what is widgets? widgets are the side area / portion on your website which may be left or right, Google warned about these widgets-links few years ago now it has sent a remainder about how harmful is this widgets, widgets-links usually have inbound links and outbound links is this links relevant to the actual content some are yes other / maximum links are no, even in our website we use widget link before but realizing the problems caused by it we removed them, removing the widget-links is not only solution for this we have other solution too, that is adding no follow to the links which are not relevant to the content, imagine the widget link with a next post of your page which is like a gallery and this current post is a SEO posts / news what is the relation between these two nothing this add irrelevant links / unnatural links to your page, some wordpress widgets will come to the core every page will have same link, Some time you may notices why website is not ranked well these widgets is also a reason the search engines will show the result of your recent post heading and the main post as a sub snippet preview, How do visitors click this headings if they are irrelevant so its advised to add no follow, not all links are advised to add no follow tag only the links which are irrelevant to post / articles /news are advised to add no follow, Google also warned you may see penalty for such unnatural links and you have clear it and submit a reconsideration until you clear it your website may not perform well at SERP. 16.Is Using Twitter Embed iFrame Trends Gives SEO Advantages? Is Using Twitter Embed iframe Trends Gives SEO Advantages? | Good question raised by one of our visitor to our mail we like to response them by a post, Actually we are in 2016 and search engines knows very well about the iframes, according to the search engines iframes are the source from other websites, actually the bots and spiders ignore them they won’t calculate them for rankings, in other words they wont consider them even they are from your very own website or other popular website with high domain authority, Actually its a seo demerit i don’t know who actually spread the news regarding this, some people think the search bot crawl each and every tweet that are updated on the twitter because it is updating regularly, Actually wrong approach imagine if some one post some spam contents on twitter will search engines mark you to as spam will you allow that, So don’t ever think that adding iframes from popular website that are updating regularly search engines are not fools, this is like allowing do follow for the websites which has spam, so please remove the twitter embed from your pages before getting bad name on your website, Imagine a new visitor coming to your website and sawing the iframe embed suddenly a post arise from other end of the world which contains illegal item, what will be the mind set of such new visitor OMG! this is a spam website i don’t to visit it on future, Actually twitter embed catches each and every hash tags and post related to your embed, some times it will not work if you not allowed don’t follow guess what the twitter is not doing that for free they actually want your powerful follow links.

17.How to add nofollow tag WordPress without Plugins: Adding nofollow tags is one of the important thing in the SEO, many webmaster are not concentrating in their links both internal and external, About internal follow or external follow ? i am talking about the both, Mainly you have to concentrate on out bound links which is also called as external links, in web world don’t trust any one, so keep tracking your outbound links even they are wiki or yahoo don’t trust them, Why following a link is bad? Because normal links are dofollow links, if the links with normal out bound links then the search engines bots spiders will follow those links then links from that website, if that website has a link to that website then its a major demerit and bad signal for your website, How to add no follow: its should called as nofollow without space, adding the rel=’nofollow’ to the link you have given from your website will help the bots to understand about that links should not followed. Nofollow tag in wordpress without plugins: As we mentioned earlier we always hate plugins which may create trouble for us, i am not saying about all wordpress plugins some of them are very harmful so its better to use code at most of the times, Having no coding language how can i add it: Even we are computer engineers we don’t know coding too, just to the following steps one by one, login your wordpress, look on your left you will see appearance keep your mouse cursor on it you will see editor click on that then navigate to editor, Now you will see theme editor page select function in your right and paste the following code at the bottom, /** * asdlk no follow tutorial */ function add_nofollow_content($content) { $content = preg_replace_callback( ‘/]*target=”_blank” href=[“|\’]([^”|\’]*)[“|\’][^>]*>([^< ]*)<\/a>/i’, function($m) { if (strpos($m[1], “YOURDOMAINNAME.COM”) === false) return ‘’.$m[2].'’; else return ‘’.$m[2].'’; }, $content); return $content; } add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘add_nofollow_content’); 18.Resubmit Sitemaps Each Time Published New Articles / Posts?: Resubmit Sitemaps Each Time Published New Articles / Posts? | Some people have this doubt like this do i need to submit the sitemaps each and every time a new posts or articles published in my website The Answer is no !, this doubt may arise in your mind because that your new page or articles are not indexed in the search engines like google, the question that come to your mind is oh i think google was not aware of your newly added posts, No its not like that, Always write high quality articles and unique content the search bots will crawl your websites even with out sitemaps, submitting your web page and resubmitting your sitemap won’t increase the percentage of index, If you submitted your sitemap at one and all pages are indexed that’s itself ok you don’t need to resubmit it will make google to crawl entire sitemaps again that is a waste of time, One time submitted site map is enough the search bots / spider will aware of your site if a new post has been published that will automattically updated in your sitemap, make sure your sitemap has date and priority and change frequency which is an important one, Check for sitemap errors too, bots will stop crawling if there is more errors in your sitemaps, so rectify the errors in your website, Use the webmaster wisely or appoint a webmaster to take care your site. 19.What’s New in 4.6 WordPress Update. What’s new in 4.6 WordPress update | WordPress released its latest 4.6 update for its millions of CMS users lets find out what are some important key features on this core update. Well its not major update usually major update has higher numbers like from 1 to 2, 4 to 5 etc,. this is some minor updates with some small changes from 4.5 version to 4.6 version. Streamlined Updates – This is first changes in this 4.6 version where you can update the plugins like update or delete on the same page no need to reload, this update is not new for the people who use jetpack its already available on that when you access your site through jetpack. Native fonts – Your WordPress dashboard fonts has been changed which will you better look and feel + good / faster load time this is favorite one on this update. In Line link checker – This is also a good update where if you accidentally linked to wrong URL like WordPress?&, then you will have a popup regarding this about link is wrong. Content recovery – I think content recovery is already there in earlier versions of WordPress like taking backup while you writing but in 4.6 you might have slight improvement on that. These are the notable changes in this 4.6 update and it give some little speed boost on site loading its recommended to update this WordPress 4.6. 20.Best Cache Plugin for WordPress – Fastest Cache: Many reasons to choose Fastest Cache a best plugin then other popular plugins in WordPress in 2016 Best part of this plugin is providing many free features than other popular plugins including W3 total cache and WP Super cache, Very simple to use many WordPress users who used W3 total cache may know the difficulties in it, we must take a course to use that plugin which is so complicate to use, It boosts the page speed of the websites when you check on google page speed, Pingdom speed test and more, it will give great results and i am sure it will double your performance of your site, Its better to choose cache plugin than CDN, because if you choose free plan on CDN networks your website’s DNS may shared with spamy websites, Many features including Pre-Load, mobile cache, new post update, Minify both CSS and JS, Gzip, browser cache and more, which is not available on many cache plugins or with payment limitation, You can even compare the speed with other plugins, yes this fastest cache also payed version which includes image optimization, Cache statics and more, Try It if you are a wordpress website owner or developer. 21.Moving website to best dedicated managed server hosting: lets see some of the points if your website reached this points there is no other choice you have to move for a dedicated hosting, first thing is visitors if your page views increased above five thousand perday then yes you are eligible to move to dedicated server you can manage this with cache plugins available for popular cms and cloud flare this content network will manage your traffic upto 10000 page views perday beyond the limit then dedicated is the only way and another way is making your server down and close your website :p Once you’ve set up your new hosting contract and you’ve gotten your login information, start by moving your files. You should be prepared to not make any (or many) changes to your website for several days. Move everything from your current host to the new host. This is a simple FTP transfer: Use your favorite FTP client and open two windows—one for the old host, and one for the new one. Copy everything. And be patient—if you have a lot of files, or many large files, this can take a long time. on the next case if you are a plugin or module freak, the person who use these more on your cms then you must move to dedicated server for handling your server load and if your ram usage are high dont wait for your hosting company call just to upgrade your server just ask them to move, it will takes 24-36 hours for a normal size website to move to dedicated server, if you look for the cost is important then dont create much traffic How much should you be making? I would say that when you reach $200 monthly or so you should consider getting a VPS (which costs around $40 monthly), and when you reach $500 monthly you should consider getting a dedicated server (which costs around $200 monthly). Apart from the benefits mentioned, having a VPS or a dedicated server should also make your sites more responsive, as you’ll not be sharing the server resources with dozens of other websites.

A quick note on this topic – top RAM/CPU power is, of course, relative. In 12 months’ time or so what is considered high-end now may only be mid-range at best, but your site’s needs may not have changed so much. In consequence, the once high end servers become reduced in price and possibly fall more into your budget, so consider carefully, because dedicated servers are increasing in value all the time. And also if you enable comments section then it will eat your ram we are been eating by those spam comments everyday however they were bringing you traffic so clear them periodically use wp-optimize for clearing them on wp-wordpress, I think reached 300words on this post :p futher update will be posted on our next post, however share this article and feed us some traffic there is a huge advantage on it your friends time will get waste 22.what is VPS hosting used for? what is vps hosting used? this was one of the popular questions for the rookie guys / beginners who are creating a website or planning to create a website these people might slightly confused why vps is that much costly while many companies offering this for low cost, many popular hosting companies in uk, us etc were giving hosting at low cost these people might see vps hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud and hybrid cloud hosting on other side, the hosting type which is low cost is a shared hosting. lets not go so much technical this time, shared hosting is nothing but dividing a dedicated hosting to many host of many websites with small ram and storage and allowing many websites on same server same ip, on the dedicated server you will have only your website in the server,vps server is dividing 4 or 5 sites sharing the source of dedicated server but not like shared you will have your own ip, ram ,space and bandwidth.