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Jallikattu Tamil nadu latest HD photos Download 2017

We expected lot on last year 2016 but disappointment only left, hoping this year indian high court will remove ban on jallikattu the tradition tamil culture festival, Download the HD jallikattu hot photos from below gallery
Gallery updated with new alanganallur 2017, madurai jallikattu images, more than 700 bulls participated and more than 1 crore prizes were distributed. Palamedu jallikattu video added below, More than 900 bulls participated in this very event, many prizes including bullet bike, cars were distributed for  the winners.


 After many protests and struggle avaniyapuram jallikattu going to take place on 5/2/17 more than 800 bulls to participate this time, palamaedu and alanganallur jallikattu will happen within 10 days. In the invitation of jallikattu they added honorable students of tamilnadu who are responsible for the function 2017. Finally yes jallikattu happened today 16-1-17 at alanganallur and various other cities in tamil nadu but later police made lathi charge on the protesters until now they are giving voice for their tradition ,

thank you youngsters for making this happen more images will be updated soon. Check out song composed by gv prakash kumar - idhu dhaan jalli kattu kombu vacha singam da. Just now: honorable chief minister of tamil nadu mr.paneer selvam confirmed today that this year you can see jallikattu in tamil nadu. Chennai marina beach jallikattu 2017: Wow that's huge more than 20000 youngsters gathered in Chennai, marina beach to show their support regarding jallikattu, thanks to many meme creators and page admins who are responsible for this, sadly not much TV channels covered this event, we have added some images in below gallery.

 Jallikattu happens in various areas in tamil nadu more than 2000 years, due to a case filed by some lawyers in north india with the support of peta, it was banned in tamil nadu from 2011 this was banned in tamilnadu, After chennai today at near devar statue madurai more than 10k peoples / youngsters showed their support regarding the ban.

 Protest in chennai marina 2017: Jalli kattu video 2017: Check out live coverage from avaniyapuram jallikatu 2017 which is happening now. But in some minor villages still jallikattu function is taking place, but alanganallur and palamedu are the two villages near Madurai is the place which jalli kattu happens in grand way Many protest by all the tamil speaking people all over the world failed, every year after the ban, hoping this year government will allow jallikattu function with proper permission, Download all the high quality hot bulls photos and videos which shows the footage in past decade.