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JIO data leaked ? what actually happened ?

New trending mobile operator JIO data leaked in cyber space, the news was became viral now actually what happened? Does really jio data leaked?

 The answer is yes, even we have checked our jio number, it has leaked in a website known as ‘magicapk’ ( which is not active now ). Once we entered jio number it showed our name, address, aadhar etc,.

Which brings big shock all important Datas available in that website so its true the data has leaked. Website was down now even when we checked that website it showed resource limit reached which is a error from hosting side when too much visitors came to a website which is on shared hosting, now we are getting a message like account suspended.

 From jio side the officials confirmed some of the datas are leaked, which is security breach some hackers stoled some info from jio server but not everything only name and address ( they didn’t say aadhar number leaked ).

 Some months ago another hackers team has hacked aadhar details, now similar to that situation jio’s merge with aadhar number is also leaked for some customers. Not like other network companies who are asking their customers to link aadhar, jio from activation itself asked aadhar card, so its not clear how many customers aadhar card details leaked. But the network companies requires more security nowadays because hackers leaking many companies datas in recent time, its better to hire hacker to overcome this.