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RKO Randy Orton WWE Viper 2017 HD Photos Free Download

Download the HD photos of the legendary randy orton the apex predator, viper, legend killer 2017 and much more free updates regarding RKO,
Current WWE Championship No.1 Contender: Randy after a long time is back with the main card title run which is the prestigious wwe championship which is currently under the hands of bray wyatt his former partner,

After winning the royal rumble 2017 viper randy orton holds the prestigious opportunity to face the champion who ever that is in wrestle mania 2017, john cena wins the title on royal rumble against aj style, And every one thought it was once again randy orton vs john cena. But on the next pay per view he lost championship against bray wyatt and randy come to announce that he (bray wyatt) is his master and i won't face him in wrestle mania which made entire WWE universe shock.

Randy then defeated aj styles with a rko and burned house of sister Abigail and shocked the WWE smack down universe again with the announcement of he is going to face the bray wyatt for the WWE championship at wrestle mania 33. Many rumors says the viper gonna win the championship again and title run of legend killer going to rule smack down. More WWE Photos available here. Download all latest High quality HD photos of wwe super star randy orton in 2017, don't forget to share the page viper fans.