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Reasons For Downtime In Wordpress CMS 2015

There Are Usually Some Thing In Your Wordpress Or Other Cms That Will Drain Your Ram And Your Site Will Enjoy More Downtime :) Lets See About Some Of The Causes For Wordpress That Will Makes Your Site To Go Down
The Plugins Holds The Top Spot For Draining Your Ram, Yes The Plugins Has More Functionality That Surely Makes Your Work Reduce But It Has The Demerit Many User Considering Upgrading From The Shared Hosting To Vps Or Cloud Or Dedicated Will Give A Permanent Solution For The Website Ram Problem The Answer Is Yes It Can Solve Your Problem But If You Are Using Cms Content Management System

The Answer Is No, Yes It Has Many Factors Like Plugins,Modules,Theme,Using The Php Memory Limit, Usually In Linux Os By Default Your Hosting Will Be Given Some Particular Limit For Php Many Plugins Will Have Minimum Of 64mb For There Usage Requirement, Nobody Will Just Stop There Website With Only One Plugin

The Wordpress Also Uses More Php Limit..So In That Case If You Dont Want This Kind Of Problems Go For Hosting With Powerful Ram That Will Give Feed For Your Site And Traffic Or Your You Should Do By Your Own By Avoiding Plugins Stylish Responsive Themes, Many Peoples Use Sharing Plugins For The Website But The Fact Is Sharing In Your Own Hands On Social Media Is More Powerful Than Those Plugin Lets See This Detail On Our Next Article Thanks For Reading :)