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Warning For Popup pop under ads website publishers 2017 remove it

Warning For Popup and pop under ads website publishers 2017 from google | Last week google has announced that its google adsense ads won't available for the websites which uses both pop up and pop under ads which created a waves among the website publishers.
Not like the olden days adsense earnings are so low, there are many reasons for that first reason is niche, some years ago all CPC are same for both entertainment ads and insurance so in that time if you have a website and adsense then you will have huge earnings on your bank account.

But now the competition is high for websites and YouTube publishers for the website with high quality niche content and high quality traffic that makes sales will get huge cost per click, so don't dream to get more money from adsense through entertainment websites.

Thinking about this situation website owners / publishers started to use multiple ad networks on their website so they can manage to get some money, google adsense which is also famous for its terms and conditions not allowed many ad formats from other ad networks this is because they don't want users to hate adsense ads.

But pop up and pop under ads were allowed, that is adsense allowed these ad formats early times you can use along with google's adsense but from last week onwards you cannot your these two ad formats network ads on your website along with adsense.

Wait this is not the actual warning real warning is coming next which for SEO, yes soon google announced that popup and pop under not giving better user experience those websites may get affected on search rankings too, who knows they may give penalty to the websites , so consider removing pop up and pop under ads.