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New Yamaha Rx100 | Altered Rx 135 Bike Photos HD 2016 Download

New Yamaha Rx100 | Altered Rx 135 Bike Photos HD 2016 Download | Yamaha Rx100 Relaunched in 2016, HD Leaked photos of yamaha rx 135 bike new version released on internet take a look at the new rx100 images,
Check out the new R15 version 3.0 Photos and specfications which is recently published in our website, Well these are the new images that are leaked on internet space this bike is mentioned as the new yamaha rx 100 that is going to release on 2016,

This is a sad news for RX 100 fans yes its a fake news this bike is yamaha sr 400 which cost 3 lakhs but looks similar as Yamaha RX 100 and RD 350 the two legend bikes which ruling since 1985,

 However don’t worry rx 100 lovers one day the craze will reach yamaha company and sure they will recreate the magic. Recently updated the gallery with altered photos of both rx100 and rx 135,

both bikes still ruling the indian second hand bikes market and also its not first time that these bikes are getting altered long long ago from 1990’s itself this bike being altered and roared indian roads. Expecting the official launch of new rx 100 or 135 in next year 2017 this was a major request from yamaha fans india. New Rx 135 latest version modified releases in a showroom in malaysiya.